This page will help you get started with StackShare GraphQL API ๐Ÿš€

Welcome to the StackShare API (Closed Beta)! To request access to the StackShare API just sign up here.

Our API has four main sets of endpoints: Leads, Enrichment, Tools and Search:

  • Leads: helps you find companies using specific tool(s) that you search for. (e.g. companies that use React and MongoDB).
  • Enrichment: gives you the entire tech stack for a company that you are searching for (e.g. the tech stack behind Instacart, which includes Rails, React, etc).
  • Tools: allows you to query a technology name and get back basic metadata about that technology (e.g. description, website URL, etc).
  • Search: allows you to search you the company and get the company basic details(e.g. name, domain, id.)

By using the StackShare API you agree to abide by the StackShare API Terms.

The maximum limit of response count in a single query is 25. To get more results, use pagination.

Please email us with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

Happy Stacking!

-StackShare Team