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Error received: {"errors":[{"message":"Field 'companyName' doesn't exist on type 'CompanyConnection'","locations":[{"line":5,"column":5}],"path":["query","leads","companyName"],"extensions":{"code":"undefinedField","typeName":"CompanyConnection","fieldName":"companyName"}}]}

I was running a leads query using python requests, it looks like this: import requests import json url = "<https://api.stackshare.io/graphql?access_token=>\<MY_API_KEY>" headers = { "accept": "application/json", "x-api-key": "<MY API KEY>", } query = """ query ($toolMatch: String!, $usingToolSlugs: [String!]!) { leads(toolMatch: $toolMatch, usingToolSlugs: $usingToolSlugs) { #companyId companyName #domain #companyTools } } """ variables = { "toolMatch": "match_all", "usingToolSlugs": ["Grails"] } response = requests.post(url, headers=headers, json={'query': query, 'variables': variables}) print(response.text)

Collecting Enterprise data

I would like to pull private data from my organization, specifically the data found in the vulnerabilities report. I can use the endpoint: <https://api.stackshare.io/graphql> with my API token and pull public facing data. I tried to use the endpoint: <https://graphql.stackshare.io/private_stackshare/graphql> with the same token and I get a 401 response. Do I need a different API token to access that endpoint or am I missing something? I appreciate any help.

How to get stack details?

The Enrichment query is giving the whole list of tools, but you dont know in what stack it is.. Any option to get all tools from one stack (by id)?

Got this error please solve

Parse error on "mongodb" (IDENTIFIER) at [1, 1]

Got this error please solve

Parse error on "mongodb" (IDENTIFIER) at [1, 1]

Endpoint for API

I'm working on automating a couple of scripts together and I noticed there wasn't an endpoint to reach out to for my calls. I'm trying to avoid graphiql and run all my modules together. What would the url be along with the domain tag for enrichment?



Untill when do i get the access to the stackshare api?

I had signed up for the requesting the access of the open apis , but till now I didn't get any message from stackshare. How much time will it take can anyone give me some idea about that. Thanks